Episode 09 | Comparison steals more than Joy
Pink Glasses Convo · 29 minutes ·

Episode 09 | Comparison steals more than Joy

It is safe to say everyone has heard the popular saying that “Comparison is a stealer of Joy”. Truth is, comparison does steal more than joy and this episode proves that. Olaoluwa shares a personal struggle with comparison and all its products - envy, jealousy, and hatred. The episode goes deeper by tackling the lack of contentment and finding contentment in other people’s misery. In all, the episode concludes on ways to overcome comparison.  I hope this episode encourages and blesses your heart.

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For the week:

Song: Your Love Defends Me by Hannah Kerr

Quote: The Church is a place to come as you are not to remain as you are

p.s: Olaoluwa does not speak on behalf of every one who identifies with one or more of her identities. New episodes will be out weekly or biweekly on Saturdays with song recommendations and quotes.

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