Episode 19 | Cancel culture & “This you?”
Pink Glasses Convo · 35 minutes ·

Episode 19 | Cancel culture & “This you?”

One thing you will hear from this episode is, “when you hear cancel culture, think jungle justice”, and that's the truth. Cancel culture is becoming a decay in our society and response to social issues that we need to address and shine a light on. While it is important to acknowledge the intention is to deter offensive behavior, the negative impact highly outweighs the positive. Our fight for freedom seems to give us the opposite, especially in our virtual world. Truth be told, we need to be cautious with what we say and how we say it, still, we must learn to still be gracious and correct in love. Even in our advocacy and asking for social justice, we must learn never to stoop to the level of the perpetrator to exert justice.

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This week:

Song: Nothing Else by Capital City Music.

Quote: Model what you want to see community

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