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This week's theme for the podcast is: Imposter Syndrome

This week we are going to speak about imposter syndrome & how suffering from that can affect your day to day life & your overall mindset.

Join me in learning more about imposter syndrome & how to pull away from the vicious cycle it creates!

Here are some notes from today's episode:

  • Today we are going to discuss the cycle we tend to get stuck in when suffering from imposter syndrome.
  • But before we break each part of the sequence down, let’s go over the different parts of the cycle: it usually starts with the feelings of being a fraud, followed by figuring out why you are feeling this way, then you do your best to negate that reason you came up with, next you end up hitting your target goal that helped you negate the reason you were feeling like a fraud, next any feelings of success start to fade away & finally the cycle starts all over again.
  • Now, let’s break everything down just a little bit more.
  • Step 1: You feel like a fraud. We spoke about this a lot on Monday, so if you want more detail, please listen to that episode, but in a quick summary, you don’t feel like you are worthy of the praise or recognition you have received for any successes or achievements you have had. Also, you have a great fear of being found out or discovered as a fraud, no matter how much confidence everyone else has in you & proof through accomplishments.
  • Step 2: Finding a reason why. You will want to figure out why you are currently feeling like a fake or phony. This could lead you to believe you may need to get additional education, accomplish something bigger & better than before or gain more experience in something important to others.
  • Step 3: Push yourself to overcome that reason why you feel like a fake. You will work really hard to achieve the success you set out to do to not feel like a fake & have the intention of feeling less phony after accomplishing this task.
  • Step 4: You have success! You accomplish your goal & feel good about yourself for a very short amount of time, which was the goal.
  • Step 5: Those feelings of contentment & fullness start to fade away, as always. You realize that you may not have done enough, pushed hard enough, reached high enough or tried hard enough.
  • Step 6: This is when the cycle starts again. Once that success fades away, you have feelings of fakeness again & have to start all over.

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