Boutique Addiction Treatment Services: Alignment Addiction Recovery
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Boutique Addiction Treatment Services: Alignment Addiction Recovery

We met the lovely Eamon and Nina at the Evolution of Addiction Treatment confernece in Los  Angeles, Ca. They were calm in a sea of noise on a busy exhibit hall floor. We simply had to interview them! Eamon O’Hara comes from a substance abuse treatment background. He was originally introduced to this industry through personal experience where he attended a facility early in his 20’s and began his journey of continued sobriety.  When achieving one  year of sobriety he began work at a drug and alcohol rehab facility and climbed through the ranks becoming the company’s director of operations in. Eamon has helped thousands of people get clean and sober and his involvement in the industry brings unprecedented insight to Alignment Addiction Recovery Group.

Christina (Nina) Warthen is from an upper class family with no addiction in sight. At twenty years old she began a successful fifteen-year career in modeling. While modeling she was very often struck by how many people in that industry were functioning addicts and alcoholics. Eventually she had become one of those functioning addicts and reached out for help right before it was too late. Traveling and living all through Europe, and South Africa while based in NYC, her sobriety began after going to a treatment facility and attending AA meetings in September 2005. Her passion for twelve step programs and seeing what a sober life had awarded her externally but even more internally, lead her to seeking out a more meaningful career in treatment. 

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