Podcast: Rev. Michael Curry
Spirituality + Health Podcast · 32 minutes ·

Podcast: Rev. Michael Curry

In this electrifying conversation, Rabbi Rami talks with the Most Rev. Michael Curry. He is the presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church.

They discuss his new book, Love is the Way, and how Jesus has over the millennia been turned into a meeker and milder version than the radical figure he may have actually been at the time. He was founding a nonviolent movement, true, but he was challenging the status quo.

I think it would have been lovingly unsettling to be around Jesus,” says Curry.

The way of love calls out injustice. I grew up hearing the language of love within the context of the civil rights movement,” explains Curry. “This is how we were intended to live, and this is why it has such positive energy.”

Do not miss listening to this amazing conversation between Rabbi Rami and Bishop Curry.


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