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One of the things that makes me cringe is when I hear people that are going into business talking about how much money they are going to make. They start off talking about revenue, and they are developing or using a product with just making money of that product in mind.  This is a dangerous person to go into business with or a dangerous way to run your business.  Here is why!  When you are providing a system or a product you are in the business to solve people’s problems and make their life more manageable or easier. When you build a system or product just to make money you will lose sight of the emotion behind it, and how it will truly make the customer feel or in turn solve their problem or make their life easier.  I recommend always starting with the problems and  building the product or system to solve that problem.  When the system is able to solve that problem and create an emotional connection with that customer you will make a customer for life and the end result will be making money.  Listen Now!
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