Chris Bosh on Anxiety & Becoming a Pro-Athlete
Getting Better: Stories of Mental Health · 57 minutes ·

Chris Bosh on Anxiety & Becoming a Pro-Athlete

In this episode, Chris Bosh joins us to talk about how he overcame a life-changing injury and opens up about mental health in the NBA. Chris Bosh mentions how his basketball career ended due to a blood clot in his lung and how he had to grieve the loss of the reason he woke up every morning. Chris reveals helpful tips on how he takes care of his mental (and physical) health along with finding that one thing that makes you happy. 

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Executive Producers: Brittany Clevenger, James Imrie, Sim Sarna, and Sahiba Krieger
Producer: Devin Ruskin
Audio Engineer: Emily Crain 
Music: Josh Cooke
Artwork: Brian Stefanik

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