Dominique Jackson on LGBTQIA+ Rights
Getting Better: Stories of Mental Health · 63 minutes ·

Dominique Jackson on LGBTQIA+ Rights

In this episode, Dominique Jackson reveals her challenging life journey and how it impacted who she is today. Dominique mentions the sexual abuse she endured when she lived in Trinidad & Tobago, and how she went from sex work and homelessness, to playing the iconic role of Elektra Abundance on the hit series, “Pose.” Dominique also sheds light on what it means to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and hopes to help those listening find peace and confidence in who they truly are. 

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Executive Producers: Brittany Clevenger, James Imrie, Sim Sarna, and Sahiba Krieger
Producer: Devin Ruskin
Audio Engineer: Emily Crain 
Music: Josh Cooke
Artwork: Brian Stefanik

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