In this episode we had the privilege of speaking with Blanca Velazquez-Martin about toddler discipline. 

Recent transitions into school, a homeschooling routine, or an evolving work routine for parents navigating pandemic life are felt by children, no matter how old they are or how smoothly things were going before.

Any of these ring true lately?

My child is hitting others/showing aggression 
My child is getting really clingy
I’m overwhelmed by a sudden increase in meltdowns

Let’s talk about the overarching issue here, what our child is seeking as they communicate with this behavior, and a few strategies to meet them where they are at in an effort to navigate this challenge together.

AND discuss the language to address this with both in English and in Spanish, as the role of relationships in any bilingual environment (home or school) is built not only during the calm teaching moments but also the challenging parts of the day.

We highly recommend all of  Blanca's projects! After speaking with her, it's clear we are like-minded parents who are raising bilingual children.

Links mentioned:

Whole Child Home Website:
Instagram Handle: @whole.child.home

About Blanca:

Blanca is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the US with a graduate degree in clinical psychology. She holds an international certification as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and a Montessori in the Home Certificate from the Prepared Montessorian Institute. Before starting her clinical psychology journey, she empowered families as certified early intervention specialist. 

Through her work as a clinician she has helped families support the socio-emotional development and mental health of children in various settings through evidence-based approaches. She also has extensive experience as a research professional, coordinating, disseminating and implementing the clinical psychosocial research that helps develop those approaches. 

As a professional, she finds joy in helping parents understand the science behind respectful strategies that support socio-emotional of their children, and empower them with skills to apply at home. As a parent, she continues seeking this knowledge and science-based tools to support her own child’s growth. It is her passion to share this work and knowledge with you.

She is originally from Mexico City, now raising bilingual child (English-Spanish) in the United States, while integrating the Montessori philosophy at home. She attended Montessori school as a child. 

Her Passion:

Inspired by her journey as a certified Early Intervention specialist, research professional, clinician and parent, Blanca launched Whole Child Home as a space to share some of this research and leave you with evidence-based information that you can use to help support your child’s development at home. 

“When talking to other parents about developmental research, I often hear ‘whoa, that’s over my head!’”—I want that to change. Research and science are here to advance knowledge that benefits you and your child.”

In addition to its foundation in psychosocial and developmental science, Whole Child Home integrates inspiration from the Montessori philosophy. The Montessori method is based on scientific observation, and now has research to support its principles as ways to enrich many areas of child development—of the whole child. We share Montessori-based knowledge with you, as well as ideas for applying some of it at home.

As her home is bilingual, and bicultural, you will see that inspiration and all blog content also in published in Spanish.

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