#110: One Small Thing
Board Game Barrage · 54 minutes ·

#110: One Small Thing

Sometimes a game is hitting all the right notes, and you want to recommend it wholeheartedly ... but there's just one tiny blemish you can't overlook. It's not enough to make a great game bad, but, man, just imagine if it someone had fixed that. This week we're looking at games that almost nail it. Before we smooth the last crease, we talk about Chaosmos, Subtext, On a Scale of One to T-Rex, and Empyreal: Spells & Steam.

01:26 - Krass Kariert
03:22 - Chaosmos
11:40 - On a Scale of One to T-Rex
16:52 - Subtext
20:58 - Empyreal: Spells & Steam
29:46 - Games with One Small Issue
31:44 - Kemet
36:06 - Root
37:28 - Cthulhu Wars
39:39 - Gloomhaven
42:14 - Decrypto
43:35 - Azul
44:53 - Point Salad
45:32 - Concordia

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