Episode 36 - When the Devil Comes to Visit
Horrifying History · 38 minutes ·

Episode 36 - When the Devil Comes to Visit

When I was a kid, my mom told me about something she experienced as a young child.  She grew up in a French Canadian Catholic family, and attended a school where she was taught by nuns.  As you can imagine, religion was an important part of my mother’s childhood.  When she was in grade one, she was assigned a part in her school’s play due to she was the youngest in the school.  She was to partake in one scene which was as follows:


Mom was a young girl that was playing when the devil approaches her.  She was supposed to be scared and run away.  She told me she was clear on what she was supposed to do, but at no time before the play did she see the person who was in the role of the devil in costume.  On the day of the play, she played her part as she was told - that was until the devil came out on the stage.  Mom lost it.  She was terrified and hysterical which looked great on stage, but after she ran off stage she could not be calmed.  The devil came to get her!  Do you want to know what finally did the trick?  The nuns gave her a necklace, a tiny Virgin Mary statue, and a candy bar.  


Now considering the time and the culture, I can completely understand how my mom believed that the devil came for her, but it was a teenager in a costume.  Today, you will hear stories about where it is said that the devil did come to capture human souls.


Welcome to Episode 35…When the Devil Comes to Visit


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