Ep. 94 - Peoria State Hospital

Ep. 94 - Peoria State Hospital

On today's episode we are joined by author and paranormal investigator Sylvia Shults. The Peoria State Hospital opened in 1901 in the village of Bartonville in Illinois. The asylum was home for the mentally ill for seventy-two years and it provided some of the state of the art care at the time, but it was also the scene of some very tragic circumstances. Many people died here, both patients and staff. These tragedies combined with the fact that Bartonville was once Native American land and it is an area surrounded by water and limestone have quite possibly led to the Peoria State Hospital being rumored to be haunted. There seems to be many fractured spirits here at the Peoria State Hospital. Join us as we explore the history and hauntings of Peoria State Hospital with Sylvia Shults. Moment in Oddity features Nosferatu's Director's Skull Stolen and This Day in History features the discovery of Messier 80.

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