The Biblical Response to The Great Reset with Pastor Jack Hibbs REWIND
The Charlie Kirk Show · 80 minutes ·

The Biblical Response to The Great Reset with Pastor Jack Hibbs REWIND

As the World Economic Forum 2023 is finally over, Charlie is re-airing of one of The Charlie Kirk Show’s most popular and viral episodes in its history. Back in March, Charlie visited Calvary Chino Hills and Pastor Jack Hibbs for a conversation centering around what was once considered a conspiracy theory: the Great Reset, the New World Order, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. But Charlie and Pastor Jack Hibbs focus the entire conversation through the lens of faith, the Bible, and a belief and understanding that Satan is real, and he comes to kill, steal, and destroy the work of God and His children. But as Charlie and Jack make clear, what needs to happen before The Great Reset, is The Great Setup. If you're going to reset something, namely Western Civilization, you need to break it first. Have the last few years finally put The Great Reset in a prime position to overtake the old system established by our Founding Fathers? Or will this plan never work against America, one of the two nations (along with Israel) in the world that were established in direct recognition of God and his providence? What are the globalists' 8 goals by 2030, and where can we see these goals in action today? Anchoring the entire conversation in the scriptures, Jack and Charlie go places most churches would never even consider going, so please share this now viral conversation with your friends and family to help open eyes. 

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