#002 - Marc Grossman / Bob's
That Restaurant Thing · 37 minutes ·

#002 - Marc Grossman / Bob's

I'm so psyched about this second episode because I'm joined by Marc Grossman, founder of the mythical Bob's Juice Bar he opened all the way back in 2006. He's a man we don't hear about nearly as often as we should and I feel privileged to have been able to have him on the show for a full half-hour. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff: growth (again), his move from New York to Paris, romanticizing the past, always being thirsty for the next new project, our inability to disconnect mentally from the business and tricks we've found to free our minds from time to time. Anyway, a great episode, hope you'll enjoy it! Drop me a message in the comment section and a review on iTunes, I'm just getting warmed up. Thank you for all the support following the first episode!

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