#004 - David Flynn / Belleville Br没lerie
That Restaurant Thing 33 minutes

#004 - David Flynn / Belleville Br没lerie

David Flynn! We've been in each others rearview mirror for years (technically impossible, I know). We both started with a small operation back in 2013 and steadily grew it into what it is today. I was around when they dropped their first kilos of coffee in the brand new roaster of their tiny roastery, I was there when La Fontaine opened and when the roastery quadrupled in size, I was there too. He's my guy and I loved talking to him about it all, the good, the less good, the success, the failures, the process etc. I think you'll love this one as it is packed with useful resources whether you're thinking about opening a business or already running one. Enjoy, tell your mates and drop me a line!

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