#006 - Joe Boley / Red House & Sister Midnight
That Restaurant Thing · 38 minutes ·

#006 - Joe Boley / Red House & Sister Midnight

Joe Boley! The man who brought us Red House and its negronis on tap, wild karaoke nights and the yearly, much anticipated, crawfish boil! I'm so happy Joe agreed to come on the show because not many people know the story behind Red House and Sister Midnight and he's such a good man, I've known him for years now, and it is such a treat to have him talk to us for a solid half-hour (more like 10 minutes if you remove my constant interjections! Sorry, working on it :p) about why he does what he does and the way he does it. Plus, he sounds GREAT! Adult audiobooks Joe, think about it! It could be a good source of revenue in those lonely confinement days! Alright, enough of this, hope you enjoy guys!

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