#007 - Emmanuel Peña / El Nopal
That Restaurant Thing · 49 minutes ·

#007 - Emmanuel Peña / El Nopal

Alright guys, time to reach for that Modelo you'd been saving, find somewhere comfortable to sink your butt in for 50 minutes because for this episode I got you el señor Emmanuel "Manu" Peña, the friendly cook/chef from El Nopal, the beloved Mexican institution by the Canal Saint-Martin. I've known Manu for years, had his food on countless occasions (pretty much every Holybelly staff going away parties for years!) and yet I didn't know much about the guy! Why Paris? Why cooking? Turns out he was a lawyer for a while before trading his suits for some knives, I had no idea! We talked about what, as an employee, has made him stay at El Nopal for 8 years now, super interesting, where he loves to eat in Paris, what his projects are for the future etc. It's all bueno, a really good episode recorded COVID19 style, me in my house and him in his using ZenCastr as an audio bridge so the quality is great but not the premium stuff we usually put out with Katie at WRP. Hope you enjoy chicos y chicas, drop me a cinco estrellas review por favor, it makes me feel good about yo! Catch you on the next episode!

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