#008 - Amanda Bankert & Louis Scott / Boneshaker Doughnuts
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#008 - Amanda Bankert & Louis Scott / Boneshaker Doughnuts

I don't really care for sweet stuff. When they pulled the lever of the DNA lottery for Nico Alary, it landed on meat, cheese, and wine. I rarely order dessert, happy within the boundaries of my self imposed comfort zone, bordered by croissants on one side, and pain au chocolat on the other. But then Boneshaker Doughnuts came into my life, and now the gates are wild open. Make way for the incredible fried pockets of fluffy dough. Nevermind what I just said.

I've known Amanda and Louis for a long time. I've waited on them times and times over at Holybelly when they'd come down exhausted but always pumped, for a bit of breakfast with the whole family.

I watched Boneshaker grow from the early pop-up days to the destination shop it has become now, after 5 years of relentless efforts. As much as I know them both and care for the project, I actually knew very little about the origin of the idea and the many hurdles they had to overcome before being able to serve their first (delicious) doughnuts on rue d'Aboukir.

We talked about resilience, slow growth, changing preconceived notions about making and selling donuts, starting a business on zero dough (I had to, sorry). It's a fantastic episode and I could not think of better guests to get back in the saddle after this long COVID hiatus.

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