#011 - Jack Ballarini / Buns
That Restaurant Thing · 88 minutes ·

#011 - Jack Ballarini / Buns

So excited to have a chat with Jack Ballarini today! The first guest on this podcast that I don't actually know. We connected on Instagram a few years back, don't exactly remember how, but I instantly clicked with the way he was running his restaurant BUNS in Verona in Italy. We've talked a lot on IG, sent each other parcels full of our respective restos merch and it was obvious to me that Jack would be the perfect guest for this comeback episode. We touched on coming to this business from another background, we talked about building a business around ourselves and how to transition toward a better work-life balance and how that is actually a healthy move for the business, we talked about not caring about communication strategy and how a small community is actually a good thing, we talked about scaling and how that doesn't have to be a goal etc. we talked about a lot of cool stuff and I hope you'll enjoy it whether you're a business owner yourself or just thinking of maybe going into that direction someday. Share the pod, give it some stars and catch you on the next one!

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