FREE Bonus Ep25 George Santos, with Marisa Kabas
I Don't Speak German · 42 minutes ·

FREE Bonus Ep25 George Santos, with Marisa Kabas

In this free public bonus episode, stepping sideways off our usual beat, Jack plays host to extra special guest Marisa Kabas - writer, reporter, MSNBC columnist, and author of The Daily Santos at her journal The Handbasket - and chats with her about the object of their mutual obsession: one-man pile-up, dumpster-fire, and lie-factory, Rep. George Santos (NY-R) IF THAT EVEN IS HIS NAME!!! 

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Marisa Kabas on Twitter: Marisa Kabas (@MarisaKabas) / Twitter

Marisa's journal The Handbasket, including The Daily Santos: The Handbasket | Marisa Kabas | Substack

(Seriously good stuff: thorough and witty!)

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