Don't steal my rep!
Iron Moms USA · 25 minutes ·

Don't steal my rep!

In this episode, "Overheard at the Gym" tackles Raina's pet peeve, poor bench press spotting skills. Have you ever had a spotter take the bar from you as you fought for the last rep? How mad did it make you?! Listen in as Raina discusses this hot topic at the end of the episode.
Inna and Raina catch you up on trending fitness news and tackle your Q&A, but why is Inna so distracted during this episode? There's a dog in the recording studio!
- Where do you purchase fitness equipment?
- What company would you use for your dream-gym set up?
- Which spin bike does Raina prefer? Soul Cycle or Peloton?
- What's our favorite Disney movie?
We love receiving our listener's questions, thank you for submitting them and for tuning in.
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