How to choose the right goal for you now
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How to choose the right goal for you now

How do you know what's right for you when choosing a goal? Inna suggest that you consider starting with your health first and doing a "self-check in." Inna talks about how her work was negatively impacted by chronic pain while trying to build a fitness business. To hell with, "no pain-no gain," the world has changed and we need to do better with self care. At a time when soreness was a measurement for success in the gym, Inna was in search of a different way to do things and found her answer in barbell training.
Whether you have a career goal or a personal goal, everything starts with your health and mental health. Choose a goal that makes the greatest positive impact on your life.
In this episode Inna and Raina explore how to improve your fitness, how to start with HIIT training and why you should prioritize strength.
What's the proper goal for a novice lifter? What place do weightlifting competitions hold in training goals? How do you get cardio-fit?
Tune into this special episode on choosing goals and get started today!
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