Let me take a selfie
Iron Moms USA · 27 minutes ·

Let me take a selfie

Are you guilty of taking selfies in the gym? Does it hold up your workout? Even worse, does it hold up someone else's? Raina closes today's podcast with a fun discussion on gym-selfies in our, "Overhead at the Gym" segment, her favorite part of the podcast:)
Our listener's want to know what to expect in their first session with a Starting Strength coach and how much weight they are expected to lift. Coach Inna talks about what every introductory session is like with a coach and the method that unites them.
Raina responds to a listener asking about gym wear and how to get out of a fashion-rut. Every mom has been there and we totally get you. Don't want to squeeze into leggings? Get into joggers like Inna. From gym to street, Raina gives you tips to improve your mood and get ready to workout.
When we're not in the gym, we're in the kitchen, Inna loves to cook and Raina loves to dance. Find out what the girls have been up to and who wears the apron at work.
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