Lightning Round - Q & A
Iron Moms USA · 30 minutes ·

Lightning Round - Q & A

This episode is dedicated to answering all of your submissions from our Iron Moms USA Instagram. Do you see your question below?
Don't forget to check out the end of the podcast as Inna and Raina discuss "Wannabe DJ's," in the gossip section of the podcast, "Overheard at the Gym!"
Listeners want to know:
Why do women have such a hard time doing chin-ups?
Should women take supplements?
Is it better to do high reps with light weight or less reps with heavy weight?
How important is it to have a coach if you already know the basics?
Are private coaches even available these days?
If you hire a coach, should they be personal trainers or someone who specializes in strength training?
What is your go-to afterschool snack for kids? What kind of snacks do you pack?
How much screen-time do you allow per day?
What's your favorite lifting t-shirt?
Thank you for being the inspiration of our podcast. Listen, subscribe and enjoy the show.

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