This weeks Q&A segment gets both, Raina and Inna fired up because they discuss Tori's lifting and the negative response her weightlifting videos get on social media. Should kids lift? Should moms let them?
"Slow your roll," where did everyone get the false idea that weightlifting was more dangerous than sports? (see article link below) Inna tells you how to introduce weightlifting to your kids and when it's safe for them to begin a formal training program.
Raina and Inna answer a listener's question on how to fit cardio into a lifting program...what's with all the cardio guys?! Coach Inna tells us the the best way to integrate aerobic exercise into your program and when to avoid it. Recovery is the deciding factor if you're a strength athlete and not every conditioning exercise compliments a lifting program.
Raina gives advice on how to use her favorite fitness tool, the waterrower and where you can find good workouts. From favorite sneakers to favorite leggings, Raina covers everything gym-chic in the Q&A segment.
We save the best for last..."Overheard at the Gym" - stay in your own lane. Ever get unsolicited advice from a trainer? Has a gym-bro gotten a bit too opinionated about your lifting? Listen to this info packed episode and enjoy the show.
If you've got questions on strength training, kids or gym wear, direct message us on Instagram and we'll answer them next time.
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