Straight Talk with Inna -Self Improvement
Iron Moms USA · 18 minutes ·

Straight Talk with Inna -Self Improvement

Self-improvement :the act or process of improving oneself by one's own actions. A simple definition for quite a complex task made even more challenging by a pandemic.
Inna and Raina tackle the issue of self-improvement and discuss how vital our fitness regiment has become in light of heightened health concerns.
As many of us struggle to rebuild our workout routines, just as many of us struggle to rebuild the social structure they've lost when gyms closed.
Listen to this podcast as Inna tells you where to start, how to build up your progress and how to prioritize your workouts after you begin.
"Start on Monday, set a goal and write down the steps it takes to achieve that goal, once you do, the next steps will be easier."-Inna
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