Straight Talk with Inna - Will lifting make me bulky?
Iron Moms USA · 19 minutes ·

Straight Talk with Inna - Will lifting make me bulky?

Raina kicks off the episode with a listener's question that strikes a nerve with Inna, "Will lifting make women bulky?"
Why is it that women judge their appearance so harshly while training for strength? What holds us back from reaching our full potential under the bar and when will all of these silly stereotypes go away?!
Looks like it's up to all of you Iron Moms, to keep raising the bar for future generations of little girls.
This episode also dives into a discussion on weight loss, what is healthy weight loss and what your goals should be, as a lifter. The important questions to ask yourself when planning to lose weight on the scale is:
What kind of weight do you want to lose?
What are your strength goals?
What are your health goals?
Raina talks about the experience she had at a strength meet when her weight loss goals did not align with her training goals and what she learned from that experience.
There is a certain feeling of emotional freedom that comes with becoming a lifter because strength also builds confidence.
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