The fitness instructor episode - #FitHeroes
Iron Moms USA · 50 minutes ·

The fitness instructor episode - #FitHeroes

Every episode opens with a weekly news segment where you get caught up on fitness industry news.
-This week we review Cathe Freidrich's On-Demand workouts and chat about how they helped Raina stay creative with her own classes. Cathe deserves 5 stars for her quality content and professionalism.
In today's topic we tackle fitness certifications, do they really protect the instructor? Which certification are best to have? Are fitness certifications a scam? We discuss what's actually required by the insurance agencies and what we did to address liability.
-In the Q&A segment we answer questions on how to stand out as an instructor and compete in the new virtual fitness world.
-Shout-out to all of the trainers working hard to maintain the health and fitness of their members. We talk about what it's like to interview on-location and how inspiring it is to watch our peers navigate outdoor workouts.
-Raina is obsessed with Buddy Casimano, a local hometown hero who is teaching on the beach and giving back to his community.
-Inna tells us why she loves to “Lift with Lala” and how they met at a Starting Strength seminar a year ago, sparking a special bond between them.
-AVID Fitness owner, Avi Dagan, a gym owner in Cedarhurst, NY is an inspiration to his members and local community. Avi gives back to frontline workers with free classes and keeps families fit together.
-You might call them, fitness instructors but we call them fitness-heroes!
-The “Overheard at the Gym,” segment tackles Raina’s biggest pet peeve, coming late to class!
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