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Today, I want to talk about some aspects concerning the green card, love & marriage in general.
As a youth, a lot of African men asked me for marriage and at the time I had a wonderful Ghanian pastor that gave me wisdom once I was bombarded by marriage request from the mothers in his church. He advised me not to go through with the request because I would be used in the end. A woman gave me her son's picture and wanted me to get into a relationship with him but my pastor told me to return the pics.

Once older, I was able to see some tricks that some foreign men use to get American women and other nationalities into this trap. I love an honest African man. One that tells me upfront what the deal is without me doing a lot of probing for information. However, not all men are honest and some are looking to use our hearts against us in a variety of ways.

It is devastating to love a man, get married to him all for him to use you for papers and dump you later. So I want to talk about several insights regarding dating a man without his green card.

Pt:1.Ladies who want true love but want to make sure they ain't being used

Sly green card marriage
-He is pressuring you for marriage way too soon
-You are finding out s&^% that isn't consistent (age, name, identity and other factors). Stuff ain't adding up.
-Once the papers are filed or he passes the first interview he starts acting crazy

Several men dated me under the guise of love and I never slept with these men but I took it very slow with them. I only listened and watched their actions. Around 2-3 months later these men would tell me that they had an emergency and if I could help them out. I asked them what kind of emergency are they having? They said that they needed to get married really quick and in order to save their job positions, they need to file for the green card. I asked them why didn't they tell me upfront. They said some kind of lame excuse and I didn't take it any further.

Real love but needs help down the road with his papers
-There is no surprise pressure for marriage or anything
-The African man is honest upfront
-His love is consistent & genuine (throughout your time together + his stuff adds up).
-Your gut feeling is telling you he is a good African man.

Pt:2.Ladies who don't mind getting paid for the green card

An old friend of mines reprimanded me years ago for marrying my Senegalese husband. He told me that he wished that I talked to him first and he would've hooked me up with an African guy that would pay me 10k plus give me other benefits. So at the time, my friend had finished helping this American black lady get connected to an African guy who helped to buy her a home and plus give her 10k in cash and help with childcare. Sounds... --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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