I Want A White American Woman to Date! Any Woman From The USA, Germany, Canada, UK?
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I Want A White American Woman to Date! Any Woman From The USA, Germany, Canada, UK?

Song Comfort you by Willie X.O
* Direct link to blog post https://datingafricanmen.blogspot.com/2020/05/i-want-american-white-woman-to-date-any.html
* Video titled: The deceit of some African men https://youtu.be/Cuto_NvvxLo
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DIRTY DOG SCAM Example: K is 37 years old and is located in XYZ region in African. He assesses his current situation and is tired of struggling in his country. One day he decides to tell his wife of his new plans. He tells her that they will always be together and he will love her and to avoid taking his new mission personal. He tells her that he will have to find a woman preferable "white" abroad to marry and use and then divorce her. After the divorce he will bring her to the country of promise. His wife agrees and he sets out to do that plan. K sets a goal in his mind. He really wants a white woman but if he can get any woman that is abroad, he will. He builds an online profile and throws out the bait of swag. He gets in the inboxes of many women and give out compliments and tells them great things about his life and how he is well off when he is not. He also tells his friend who is in the USA about what he needs and asks his friend to please hook him up. His friend happens to know several older white women ( ages 65 and 68) and talks about his friend K with them and ask them if they want to plan a trip one day to his country to visit and discover the beauty and culture. One of the ladies who is 68 says yes and that it has always been her dream to visit Africa etc. In the summertime the USA lady arrives in K's country and the friend shows her around and introduces her to K. He turns swag on and before you know it the connection is made. When the lady gets back home she finds that she can't get the kindness and uniqueness of K off her mind. She sends letters to K, and they constantly talk on the phone. She ends up buying another flight to see him again. He asks her to marry and if they can do it in the USA. She is shocked but happily agrees and calls an immigration lawyer to start the paperwork to bring him to the USA and help him all the way. Whenever K gets off the phone or receives a letter from the woman in the USA... He constantly assures his current wife that everything will be alright and that she is still the best woman that he's ever had. Whatever money the USA woman sends through Western Union he takes and shares it with his current wife and they both laugh at the situation. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/datingafricanmen/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/datingafricanmen/support

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