Valentine's Day (Received no gift from him & I have no man) DATING AFRICAN MEN
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Valentine's Day (Received no gift from him & I have no man) DATING AFRICAN MEN

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I kinda feel that Valentine's day is a little overrated and I noticed that a lot of emotions run very high around this time. A lot of ladies either have a man and he is not romantic or buys them anything special, some have men that are thoughtful and there are those that have no man at all and wish they did. I want to briefly talk to the first group and the last group.

First off I want to say to group#1 that communication is everything, and it also boils down to the personality of your African man and his perspective regarding Valentine's Day, Birthdays and even holidays. It also comes down to how Americanized he is. I find that men who are more Americanized are more inclined to give me something thoughtful and nice. Like I said it really depends. Just because he doesn't get you anything doesn't mean he doesn't love you, a lot of factors can be involved (low on cash, not familiar with what it really is, he recently brought you an expensive gift), etc.

The African men I was in a relationship with, especially my former husband always brought me little nice gifts for Valentine's Day. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting something nice from your man around this time and don't brush it off as if it is nothing. Every woman smiles when she receives something thoughtful from her man whether she expected it or not. Bring your dude a small gift and tell your man how you feel "honey, I like to receive thoughtful gifts on Valentine's day because it shows me that you had me in mind". That is just my way of handling it. But you handle this the best way you see fit. Never push your feelings aside because I find that folks that do this end up exploding later and spilling all of the pain and hurt that built up. Let your wishes be known asap!

To the ladies with no man. Hello! I join you! I was reading a lady's post yesterday about how she doesn't have a man and she is successful, she felt something was wrong with her. The answer is NOTHING is wrong with HER or YOU AT ALL. You have yet to discover a real MAN that will value and appreciate you. Listen to me! You don't and shouldn't want to be with just any ole man just because he has a dick and you can tell others "ooh I have a man at home". My sister, you don't want a bum at home that is sucking your soul dry of positive energy, being a cheater or can't love you properly. I don't have a man because I promised myself to get 4 more serious goals out of the way before I travel down that path again and when I do trust me I am not settling for b.s and neither should you. I don't advise you to sit around waiting for a man and I don't believe in common statements like "he will come to you". I want you to pick up relationship books and learn how to date like a spartan and put yourself out there so the right guy can see you. If you are prone to attracting toxic men then you need to get counseling first on what in you is making these dudes seem good.

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