Dan Dubelman: Luthier/Fitness Expert
Life's Pivots and Potholes · 56 minutes ·

Dan Dubelman: Luthier/Fitness Expert

Want to be a musician? It can be a long winding road indeed but hearing one person’s story can give you fresh insight, inspiration, and a sense of humor about the business. Life’s Pivots and Potholes is a conversation with people from many career trajectories who made mistakes, took the right pivot, and ran into potholes along the way. 
My guest Dan Dubelman began his acting career at 4. Since then, he has traversed music, Hollywood, Nashville, and returned to New York to make custom-made guitars. Join us as we discuss the unexpected benefits, funny stories, and difficulties faced, which all led to a new chapter of life.

Robin St James

Check out Dan's music and custom made guitars. 

Life’s Potholes is concerned with the experiences and challenges we encounter as we navigate relationships, personal and business, neighbors, and the communities in which we live.

We all hit potholes in life. Life’s Potholes will deal with  snippets of life offering new perspectives, commentary from research, and hopefully evoke a more positive perspective of life experiences.  

Let’s hit the road and learn how to avoid some of life’s potholes 

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