Linnea Wardwell: Co-Founder
Life's Pivots and Potholes · 56 minutes ·

Linnea Wardwell: Co-Founder

In the sixties, a woman’s choice of futures was limited. However, some women stepped out of not simply the acceptable female role, but out of the functions dictated by society et al. Linnea Wardwell attended college with the idea of becoming a teacher. A fateful plane delay changed the course of her life when she met her future husband Larry, who was the antithesis of American cultural norms of the day. Their life together began in Washington DC, working for the government. Linnea became a fellow at the Smithsonian. She left to explore the Transcendental Meditation movement, living all over the country, running TM centers, and ultimately landing in Berkeley, where TM met the prolific drug culture. Linnea had been raised with priorities of botanicals, herbs, and naturopathy. This foundation was fully engaged when she and her husband launched a business to educate naturopathic doctors, which continues 22 years later. Join us as we talk about TM, drugs, naturopathy, doing the right thing, and many other delightfully relevant tidbits.

Linnea Wardwell:

Intro Music:  An Illusion  - A Lost European

Life’s Potholes is concerned with the experiences and challenges we encounter as we navigate relationships, personal and business, neighbors, and the communities in which we live.

We all hit potholes in life. Life’s Potholes will deal with  snippets of life offering new perspectives, commentary from research, and hopefully evoke a more positive perspective of life experiences.  

Let’s hit the road and learn how to avoid some of life’s potholes 

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