Mariah Knight: Bioengineer
Life's Pivots and Potholes · 44 minutes ·

Mariah Knight: Bioengineer

Mariah began making pivots early in life when she transferred to a “high school for misfits” (Arts and Communications), where she found her cohort, who remain her posse today. When Mariah began college, she had to re-take math classes, and this is where she learned that math had been taught to her incorrectly: Math was no longer her arch-nemesis. So she changed her major from psychology to mechanical engineering, which led her to work in the biomedical field. Listen as Mariah talks about her journey from goth to operating rooms.

Robin St James

Intro Music by Roger Bashew

Life’s Potholes is concerned with the experiences and challenges we encounter as we navigate relationships, personal and business, neighbors, and the communities in which we live.

We all hit potholes in life. Life’s Potholes will deal with  snippets of life offering new perspectives, commentary from research, and hopefully evoke a more positive perspective of life experiences.  

Let’s hit the road and learn how to avoid some of life’s potholes 

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