Pivoting to Potholes
Life's Pivots and Potholes · 2 minutes ·

Pivoting to Potholes

Let's talk about the Potholes we encounter in our lives.

We are starting with the Potholes of lying. The first podcast in this series will be about Good Lying (i.e., Have you ever received a sweater from your Grandma, just for you, and it's a color you dislike.) The second podcast will focus on Bad Lying. 

We will not be exploring lying in the media or government; instead, we are keeping it personal. Of course, we all lie, but I have never heard anyone say how they adore liars. Why is that?

It is drawing on the current research in Sociology, Psychology, and other sciences that will help create a broader understanding of how Lying serves us and how it can entrap us.

Join me for a fun talk about lying misconceptions, dealing with bad lies, learning how to be a more honest liar and lots of other tips to navigate lying more healthily.

Life’s Potholes is concerned with the experiences and challenges we encounter as we navigate relationships, personal and business, neighbors, and the communities in which we live.

We all hit potholes in life. Life’s Potholes will deal with  snippets of life offering new perspectives, commentary from research, and hopefully evoke a more positive perspective of life experiences.  

Let’s hit the road and learn how to avoid some of life’s potholes 

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