Pothole - Good Lying
Life's Pivots and Potholes · 12 minutes ·

Pothole - Good Lying

Hey, everyone, get ready to make a pivot to investigating the potholes each of us encounters as we navigate life. 

The first pothole we will discuss is Lying: Part 1-Good Lying and Part 2- Bad Lying. We ABSOLUTELY are not going to explore lying in the media or government; instead, we are keeping it personal. Of course, we all lie, but I have never heard anyone say how much they adore liars. Why is that?

Drawing on the current research in Sociology, Psychology, and other sciences to create a broad understanding of how Lying serves us and how it can entrap us.

Join me for a fun talk about lying misconceptions, dealing with bad lies, learning how to be a more honest liar, and many other tips to navigate lying healthier.

I will be telling three lies in the Good Lying podcast. Listen to see if you can hear them, and I’ll reveal the lies in Bad Lying.





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