Rees Erwin: Builder
Life's Pivots and Potholes · 58 minutes ·

Rees Erwin: Builder

Wanting to be an Architect, you head off to school, but the university you attend doesn’t have the curriculum, and you find yourself studying engineering. Money runs out, and on a long drive home, you decide to enlist in the Coast Guard. These two events are just part of the Pivots, and Potholes Rees Erwin experienced. In the Coast Guard, he was aboard one of only two Coast Guard ice breakers, and after traveling to the Arctic and Antarctica for years, Rees left the “don’t ask don’t tell don’t pursue” military returning to college and obtaining a BA in art. In college, he supported himself with work in the hospitality industry, and a new pivot took him to Los Angeles as a Concierge for the Beverly Wilshire hotel. There were many other pivots Rees took in life, which all led to his designing a home that he built for himself. Join us and learn what it takes to sleep when you’re on a 24-hour roller coaster ride for months!

Robin St James

Intro Music by: Roger Bashew

Life’s Potholes is concerned with the experiences and challenges we encounter as we navigate relationships, personal and business, neighbors, and the communities in which we live.

We all hit potholes in life. Life’s Potholes will deal with  snippets of life offering new perspectives, commentary from research, and hopefully evoke a more positive perspective of life experiences.  

Let’s hit the road and learn how to avoid some of life’s potholes 

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