The rhino that flew 10,000 miles
BBC Earth Podcast · 29 minutes ·

The rhino that flew 10,000 miles

This week we're travelling to a place that is different for all of us, but one we all hold close to our hearts: Home.

Listen to the heart-warming story of a keeper in Ohio who built an unbreakable bond with a baby Sumatran rhino named Harapan. Sumatran Rhinos are facing extinction and Harapan was the last remaining in the Western Hemisphere, kept in captivity at Cincinnati Zoo. To give the species the best chance of survival in the wild, Harapan was to fly across the world and return to the home of his ancestors – Sumatra, Indonesia. We also visit the man who keeps a flock of homing pigeons in his back garden in London and two young women who tracked down the symbol of their heritage – the American Bison of Banff National Park.

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