Permission to Heal, Expand, Ascend and Be Present with Sarah Weiss
Earth Love Spirit with Sarah Weiss · 69 minutes ·

Permission to Heal, Expand, Ascend and Be Present with Sarah Weiss

In this episode I discuss:


• New direction for the Earth Love Spirit podcast.

• Sharing one class from the six-week Awakening Together Series. This is the fourth out of six sessions in The Permission to Heal, Expand, Ascend and Be Present class.

• Explanation of last week's class and simultaneous events leading Sarah to close the circle: • ~~Our group had reached its concentration limit. Pushing past this point can strain the nervous system. • ~~One class member entered late and was not attuned to the group.

• Instructions if we need to enter class late: Do some grounding first so there will be some harmony with where the group is. The catch is that you won't know whether the group is in meditation or discussion.

• The class title describes a progression of consciousness. • ~~Healing is aligning and coming back to self. • ~~Then we're able to expand to embrace multi-dimensional consciousness. • ~~Then we can slip into ascended consciousness where we are in contact with the consciousness of illuminated souls. • ~~Then we can come into a new relationship with our self, be present to our self as our personality re-collects into a new identity.

• Each person needs to claim their identity with the divine within. This feels like being held by Mother Earth and Father Sun, your identity being immersed in something greater than itself until it becomes that greatness.

• Enlightenment is an expanding horizon, going on even after we pass on from the earth plane.

• We each need to find the easiest way to slip into a deeper, more illuminated state.

• We were led through a natural progression, similar to the way we ground, to show us the cycle of healing, expanding, ascending, being present.

• On the spiritual path we want freedom to trust and follow the guidance coming through us, to carry our own teacher with us.

• We begin by bringing our energy back and inviting and allowing areas of the body to relax.

• Greeting Mother Earth, the elements, nature spirits, all sentient beings, the directions. We turn over the healing process to the greater consciousness, to be purified in order to meet higher frequencies.

• Illumination is always there, like the sun. Be patient, it may take time to clear the clouds.

• Our higher being, higher consciousness is in touch with the greater intelligence and knows exactly how to help us balance and fill with light.

• The ascension feeling is a feeling of light, of your higher being interfacing with you, of your sphere expanding. Then you can slip into the presence state, oneness, stillness, being immersed.

• In the same way that our higher consciousness becomes involved, when the group reaches a level of expansion/ascension then the illuminated beings become engaged with the group. Each person has a unique frequency to contribute, as we are each in our true divine personality.

• Comparison to a ceremony in the Andean tradition: In our circle when the light is holding us, we are benefiting from everyone’s collective gifts, helping to awaken all illuminated qualities within our being.

• We each receive the frequencies to fulfill our being in this incarnation and others, this dimension and others.


Join me on Monday evenings starting June 21st for our next Awakening Together Class:

Awakening Together 4:  High-Frequency Wholeness: Grounded, Aligned, Centered, Loving, Glowing & Flowing

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What students are saying about the 2021 Awakening Together Series:

Sarah’s deep teachings calm my sensitive nervous system and remind me of the divine within all human beings. Like many others, I carry the burden of concern for the world – Sarah’s teachings have shown me a wiser way to care for the world by caring for myself. –DW

Through this class, I have finally come to understand the deep and compelling force I have subtly felt throughout my life that has carried me through serious health challenges, informed my inner vision of true wellness and well-being, and sourced my courage and strength to continue moving forward with what is truly healing, even when it has not been in alignment with traditional medical views.

As challenging and overwhelming as this has felt, I continue to appreciate the healing, expansion and ascension I’m experiencing in the greater spaciousness that’s being created.  To be able to experience this within the Light and support of our sacred circle is a profound gift. Blessings, love and thanks to you all! --DB



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