The Grace of Allowing: Horses and Hearts with Jackie Stevenson
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The Grace of Allowing: Horses and Hearts with Jackie Stevenson

Jackie Stevenson is a long time spirit sister and colleague. We've grown up together as spiritual practitioners, healers, and guides in the Northeast Ohio area. Jackie is one of the most grounded, graceful, and naturally wise women I now. You know she sees your light and gently blows on your heart fire until you are fully ignited in your power and wisdom. When you listen to this podcast, relax and let Jackie in, like a refreshing breeze, she will calm the agitation in your being. We discuss her natural evolution from a traditional therapist to a therapist who collaborates with horses and nature to inspire personal and collective transformation. 

Jackie Stevenson is the founder and CEO of Spirit of Leadership LLC, providing coaching, leadership and team-building training and seminars for corporations and not-for-profit organizations. She specializes in unique coaching sessions and leadership and team-building retreats through experiential learning with horses and nature.

Jackie teaches at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Business and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.




Book: Someday We'll Live Like Horses: Authentic Presence in Leadership and Life

Contact Jackie Stevenson: [email protected]


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