The Infinity Podcast: Ranking Every Movie In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
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The Infinity Podcast: Ranking Every Movie In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a Thing, there's one question that nerds have been arguing about with their nerd friends: What's your ranking? Well, since here at Smash Fiction, we're all about settled the great nerd debates, we took it upon ourselves to settle this one.

And how might one go about  coming up with a definitive ranking of the MCU movies? No, not a time heist, but that's a good answer. In this case, we assembled six podcasters from across the internet in our own legendarily powerful Infinity Podcast, asked them to rank all 22 films from Iron Man to Endgame, and then averaged the results! In this giant-sized special episode, our six hosts will discuss their favorite MCU films, their least favorite MCU films, the MCU films they believe to be overrated and underrated, and much more! By the end, you will finally have an MCU movie ranking that is eternal, undeniable, and beyond question. You know, until we change our minds.

Your hosts include:

  • Dan Mulkerin
  • Miles and Sharon Schneiderman
  • Rick Heinichen of the Unpacking the Power of Power Pack podcast
  • Krista Contino-Saumby of the Unspoiled! Podcast Network
  • Jason Alberich of the Longbox Crusade podcast



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