The Poetry Episode: Instapoets Kate Baer & Rupi Kaur
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The Poetry Episode: Instapoets Kate Baer & Rupi Kaur

We never thought we’d cover poetry on this podcast, but poetry is really having a moment! Amanda Gorman stole the inauguration spotlight then made history as the first poet at the Super Bowl. And Instapoets Kate Baer and Rupi Kaur have been garnering millions of followers on social media and breaking records on the New York Times bestseller lists for years. We may be late to the party, but we’re so glad we came!
** Poems. We pick some of our favorite poems and discuss how they spoke to us. These poems have us talking about what it means to be a complicated woman, the double standard women face, the inherent conflict in motherhood (Note: the poem entitled 'first' is by Nayyirah Waheed and in her collection, Salt), and fate vs free will. (09:18)
** What’s You’re Theme (Damage), Heather? The poems in these books all expose the damage and vulnerability of being a woman. What kinds of poems are we each drawn to? The answers tell us a lot about our own damage. Patterns certainly emerged! Kate discusses poems that touch on body image, love and self-love. Carinn discusses how motherhood and parenting changed her and brought her back into her body, the mind-body connection, and feeling in extremes. (24:11)
** What She Said: Kate Baer & Rupi Kaur. We deep dive into first person quotes from Kate and Rupi that inspire us. We remember what we love about poetry listening to Kate and marvel at how Rupi sits at the intersection of craft and business. Serious goals! (46:46)
** Crystal Ball. In our most ambitious crystal balls to date, we each take a poem and imagine the story of the woman behind the words. Who is she? Where will she be? We let poetry inspire us to write our own stories! You don’t want to miss these. (56:41)
** Takeaways. The big takeaway here is how two people who thought they had no real connection to poetry can totally admit when they are wrong. Kate also concedes that she may have duped Carinn, realizing that she forgot about not just how she used to write poetry, but how much she studied it in college as well. It’s all coming back to her now! Regardless, they are both now hooked! (76:37)
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