Narcy Novak was born in Ecuador, grew up poor, and eventually made her way to American where she worked as a Stripper. Then she met Ben Novak Jr, a multi-millionaire, and her life would change forever. The two would eventually get married and Narcy would become accustomed to a wealthy lifestyle.

But Ben Novak Jr was eccentric and would have a string of affairs during his marriage to Narcy. The marriage was turbulent to say the least and Ben would start having thoughts about ending it. He and Narcy has a prenuptial agreement that would leave with her with very little money in the event of a divorce. And as the marriage started to fall apart, this fact would loom large in Narcy's mind. She would resort to anything, even murder, to keep from being poor again.

Join Mike and Gibby as they talk through the details of the bizarre relationship between Ben and Narcy. Narcy was very cunning and she started to make plans to ensure that she got her hands on Ben's money. The decisions that she would make would leave two people dead and destroy many more lives.

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