The Stalking and Murder of Actress Rebecca Shaeffer
True Crime All The Time · 68 minutes ·

The Stalking and Murder of Actress Rebecca Shaeffer

Rebecca Shaeffer was an up and coming actress in the late 1980's. She had already landed roles in a soap opera, on a sitcom, and in several movies. She had fans all over the world. But one fan in particular, Robert John Bardo, would develop an obsession with Rebecca that would ultimately lead to murder. Join Gibby and I as we detail out this case that would be the catalyst for many of the anti-stalking laws that are on the books today. Visit our website at where you'll find all of our contact information. You can click through to our Patreon page if you want to help support the show financially. Please rate/review us on ITunes and don't forget that our new podcast True Crime All The Time Unsolved is out now as well.     An Emash Digital Production

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