Nashville Tech Feed #35 - Dude Where's My Music, To the Amazon Cloud
The Nashville Feed · 48 minutes · 11 years ago

Nashville Tech Feed #35 - Dude Where's My Music, To the Amazon Cloud
Dude where’s my music? If you’ve seen the movie “Dude Where’s My Car” it’s a little like that when it comes to moving your music around. The search continues for the perfect solution to get music from place to place while keeping it in sync. Is the cloud aka online storage the silver bullet? has jumped into the game with their Amazon Cloud Player, this online “hard drive” is where you can stream your music to your computer or Android phone. it’s not perfect but It’s a big player entering a legal gray space for licensing. As always with something new the Labels are suing already. Others like MOG and Rdio try for the all you can eat err listen, still others cling to the pay per download like Apple. From our discussion it’s a combination of a couple services to get what you want.

Then there is the music industry 800 pound gorilla in the room who are still clinging to the old model while seemly afraid of new ideas. If the average music buyer would subscribe to a all you can eat plan there would four fold their yearly music spend. Why wouldn’t you want that?

In episode #35 of the Nashville Tech Feed our panel of Lucas Hendrickson and Paul Schatzkin discuss Amazon’s Cloud Player and the labels response to the, streaming services, the future of the business of how you listen to music and more.

We finish as always with “What We’re Consuming”

Enjoy, leave comments via email: [email protected], or voicemail at 615-280-0505.

Hosts: David Beronja, Lucas Hendrickson & Paul Schatzkin

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