Kirk Nurmi | Defense Attorney for Jodi Arias, Survivor + Author
DIE-ALOGUE · 74 minutes ·

Kirk Nurmi | Defense Attorney for Jodi Arias, Survivor + Author

I am so glad I had this conversation. I was apprehensive because I wasn't sure if I agreed with a lawyer publishing a tell all memoir about a client, but I let Kirk tell his story and it became clear that staying silent was not an option. His life was completely taken over by the case, the trials, and by Ms. Arias herself.
In this episode, Kirk shares what that was like, how it impacted him, and how he came to the other side. Don't want to spoil anything, but there is light on the other side, and Kirk is doing great. Talking with him made me deeply empathetic toward him and also brought up incredibly troubling aspects of our justice system that do not have easy answers; cameras in court room, media coverage, and more.
Kirk write a three part series on his experience aptly titled "Trapped with Ms. Arias." You can find those as well as books on weight loss and wellness here.
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