30 Years of Terror- BTK Ep 5
The True Crime Librarian · 112 minutes ·

30 Years of Terror- BTK Ep 5

BTK had seemingly fallen off the face of the earth- no one had heard from him since Anna Williams had narrowly escaped the grip of the Boogy man- and then nothing. Radio silence. Until an anniversary piece indicates that not only is he not feared anymore but that no one even knows who he is. BTK is to be feared, talked about as one of the greatest serial killers of all time how dare they indicate that he is not scary.  A serial killer begins leaving bread crumbs for police using the media as his messenger and now the once young hungry cop who was part of the original task force to find and bring him to justice is now head of the homicide department with the Wichita PD, now with an open line of communication in more than 20 years he's not going to let him slip through his fingers again. Armed with his hand selected task force and performing what is jokingly called the swab-a-thon he's hell bent on nailing BTK to the wall. But what he learns in the course of year since BTK reached out to the PD is the body count they thought he had was far from the being accurate.  Join me as tackle the last years of Dennis Rader's reign of terror....  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/truecrimelibrarian/support

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