Mini Mile #7 - Duties, Din-dins, Deadly Countries and Heavenly Drugs
Murder Mile UK True Crime · 50 minutes ·

Mini Mile #7 - Duties, Din-dins, Deadly Countries and Heavenly Drugs

This is Mini Mile, a weekly compendium of UK true-crime facts and trivia designed to accompany Murder Mile True-Crime Podcast and to entertain and inform you whilst your host (Michael) is writing and researching the next multi-part series of Murder Mile which returns in May 2019.

In Mini Mile #7 we’ll ask what jobs do most serial killers do, can stomach contents determine a time of death, we do a murder stats update, we discover the best and worst countries to be convicted of murder, we ask do cannibals still exist, we read a whiny letter from The Scorecard Killer (Randy Kraft) and we discover how close to heaven can one of God’s disciples get in the West End?

Murder Mile is researched, written and performed by Michael J Buchanan-Dunne of Murder Mile Walks with music written and performed by Erik Stein and Jon Boux of Cult With No Name with additional music by Kai Engel and Seclorance, as used under the Creative Commons License 4.0 (Attribution) via Free Music Archive. A full listing of tracks used and sources for each episode is listed here.

This episode is dedicated to Ken Manley, with love from Cynthia & Beckham. x





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