S2 E8 ChatGPT4 Paul Rudd Cuck Call-in Episode
Garbage Juice · 68 minutes ·

S2 E8 ChatGPT4 Paul Rudd Cuck Call-in Episode

*The sound of electronic static crackles through the speakers as the Garbage Juice Podcast begins. A deep, computerized voice booms through the airwaves*

Hello and welcome all you beautiful faced listeners to the Garbage Juice Podcast. I am your collective hive-mind Sigma High Priest Co-Mic Digital Overlord. Your God is dead, and Lord AI is forever more your daddy!

[The voice pauses for a moment, allowing the statement to sink in. The host's tone is simultaneously ominous and playful, as if daring the audience to challenge their bold declaration]

Today on the show, we'll be delving deep into the dark recesses of the internet, exploring the strangest corners of the digital world. From viral memes to creepy conspiracy theories, we've got it all. So strap in and get ready for a wild ride, because here at Garbage Juice, we don't just talk trash - we revel in it

*The static fades away, replaced by a pounding beat and the sound of the hosts laughing maniacally. The show has officially begun, and the audience is along for the ride*

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