Sean Dustin the host of "No Where To Go But Up" podcast joined me for an unforgettable interview. Sean was awarded the #1 mental health podcast by SceneSnobs Network. As a child, Sean was exposed to an abusive environment. From being bullied to becoming a bully, a former drug addict, cocaine dealer, failed relationships, and the loss of parental rights, Sean started his podcast to show the world and God his shortcomings, pain, shame and guilt. The listeners of his podcast became the witness to who he used to be. 

I asked Sean, "What is the first time you broke the law and didn't get caught?"

I was 16 maybe 17.  Me and my buddy, were hanging around the house. We couldn't sleep because we were wired and high. My mom, I think, went to the bar and was passed out upstairs. We go out and we're walking down the street and think it would be a great idea to break into this car. We're in the process of doing it (we obviously don't know what we're doing. I mean, I've never broken into a car before)  not to mention,  I'm in my own neighborhood.  "That's the worst thing you can do. What's wrong with you? " I'm thinking.  I'm pulling on the window, and he's trying to put his arm down there and it just goes "pop!" The whole thing busts and it sounded so loud,  especially in our quiet neighborhood. 

We both run and take off. We dive into the bushes. All of a sudden another car comes flying up the hill and speeds around the corner.  "What the hell is that?" we thought. Two minutes later there's the cops. We think they're there for us. So we're hiding and wondering what's going on?  

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